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agriturismo fermo


Golden beaches and clear sea, historic beauty and quality shopping: to discover the Marche choose to stay in our agriturismo in Fermo!

This lovely and active region of central Italy is characterized by a variety of enchanting landscapes within a few kilometers: a sandy coastline touched by the Adriatic Sea in the East, gentle hills celebrated by the poet Leopardi in the center, the mountainous landscape of the Apennines in the West. Ancient villages and towns, rich in history, traditions and art, are scattered around the area.

The Marche region, with the population of just over a million and a half of inhabitants, is administratively divided into five provinces. Fermo, the location of our agriturismo, is one of them. Being traditionally an agricultural region, in the last years of the last century the Marche region has managed to spawn healthy entrepreneurship of small and medium enterprises, better known as Marche model. In the area of Fermo and Macerata, mainly the footwear industry has developed, with companies that stand out both at national and international level.

The close link between the region, the inhabitants and their land still remains and it is valorised by the gastronomic specialties typical of the territory, which from an inital exclusively local distribution are now known all over the world. Remarkable are the maccheroncini of Campofilone, the olive fritte (fried stuffed olives) and the excellent wines, many of which have received DOC status. The fish is excellent, very traditional is the brodetto (fish soup), cooked with various seafood ingredients and recipes. In a half-day/ day tour you can reach.

Urbino, Frasassi, Ancona, Loreto, Recanati, Macerata, Ascoli Piceno, Grottamare, Offida. 

See what you can visit during your stay in our agriturismo in Marche!
agriturismo marche

Frasassi - 120 km
These karst caves are a unique spectacle: in the maze of underground corridors you will be impressed by the attractive landscape created by lights, water, stalactites and stalagmites, the formations that form from the floor or from the ceiling.

agriturismo marche

Urbino -156 km
One of the most important centers of the Italian Renaissance, it has preserved its marvelous architecture intact (its historical center belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage). Do not miss the ducal palace, a remarkable monument of Renaissance architecture.

agriturismo marche

Loreto - 43 km
Famous for the Basilica built to protect the Holy House, transferred, according to legend, from Nazareth. It is one of the oldest and most important places of Marian pilgrimage in the Catholic world.

agriturismo marche

Recanati - 50 km
One of the most beautiful panoramic balconies of the Marche where you can admire the magnificent panorama of the sea and mountains glorified by the poet Giacomo Leopardi. It is worth visiting his birthplace with its historical and superb library.

agriturismo marche

Ascoli Piceno - 70 km
Its historic center, built almost entirely of travertine, is admired throughout Italy for its artistic and architectural wealth. The town has numerous towers, so it is also called the city of a hundred towers.

agriturismo marche

Grottammare - 33 km
Also called the Pearl of the Adriatic, it is a beautiful town on the coast, famous for splendid sandy beaches and a beautiful seafront with numerous lush palm trees. The upper part of the city, where you can enjoy a splendid view, is a place of special beauty.

agriturismo marche

Parco dei Sibillini - 125 km
Situated between the regions Marche and Umbria and established in 1993, it is mostly a mountainous park. The highest mountain, dominating the plain of Castelluccio (Norcia), is Vettore. A great variety of landscapes and natural environments distinguishes this area of pure nature.


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